CLARAVUE is the only disposable, pre-wired patient monitoring kit that is radiolucent, boasting the highest quality trace for Electrophysiology and Cardiology.  CLARAVUE works with a Bioactive Adapter Trunk Cable. CLARAVUE is quick to connect and can be worn after a procedure for up-to five days for continued patient monitoring in the hospital. CLARAVUE is fully repositionable, featuring a 5-day wear time.  Our 12 Lead Patient Kit is perfect for patients moving from EP / Cath to other departments Just remove the V lead set and keep on the limb leads. 

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Anatomy of CLARAVUE in the EP/Cath Lab

CLARAVUE leadwires are invisible under x-ray and Fluoroscopy allowing you to focus on what's important during procedures in the Catherization Lab or Electrophysiology Department. The electrodes are made with carbon wires which do not show up under imaging equipment.
Pre-wired electrodes eliminate the need to snap leadwires onto electrodes. This helps to reduce motion artifact associated with movement of the leadwires on the electrode snaps. Patient kits are also repositionable and can be used for up to 5-days.
Our patented quick connection consolidates your standard 10 leadwire connections to two simple plug style connections. Reduce opportunities for error by simplifying your connections. Cables are lightweight and conforming increasing patient comfort.


Each Patient Kit is completely disposable - making it the most hygienic solution possible. Our reusable Bioactive cables feature a metalloacid coating that produces antimicrobial effects as well.

The Claravue System

The CLARAVUE system combines pre-wired, single use, radiolucent ECG electrodes with our patented unique Bioactive Integral Process trunk cables - consolidating leadwire sets into two combined connections with the ability to connect with any of your monitors.

Multi-Parameter Claravue System

We offer a quick connect adapter to customize your cable to a variety of other equipment. Contact us to find out more information on simplifying your procedure setup using CLARAVUE.



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